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Edifice Automotive’s data-driven marketing offers custom sales and service solutions that do the heavy lifting for you. This platform allows dealers to target precise types of customers in their primary market area, through a fully tailored turnkey marketing solution. At the core of Edifice’s platform is its vast repository of consumer data, which is continuously refreshed for superior marketing effectiveness. This insures we have the cleanest, most thorough data available in your market. In addition to these services, Edifice also offers partnership opportunities that will increase your revenue as well as give more value to your clients.

Display Ads allow you to advertise your brand on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. Ads will run on mobile websites or applications.
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Placing dealership ads on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will significantly increase the amount of online traffic to your website.
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Our Email Marketing programs allow dealers a cost-effective way to target both conquest and retention customers for sales and service.
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The program is consistently outperforming its sales goals and has made a huge impact on our customer retention with significant conquest service customer growth each month.

R. Williams, GM

36 Cars Sold in a Month. $36,051 in New Service Revenue.
$9,925 Monthly Expense.

California Mercedes-Benz Dealer Success Story

Your conquest program is a great fit with our campaigns. I think the more they see us the more they believe it!!!

J. Curie, GM,

29 Cars Sold in a Month. $45,547 in Service Revenue.
$5,952 Monthly Expense.

CDJR Tennessee Dealer Success Story
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